Zypern Garmin Karte

Cyprus / Zypern GPS GarminGPS Karte Zypern für Garmin Navigationssysteme
Die Zypern Karte vom OpenStreetMap Projekt bietet eine sehr gute „routenfähige“ Straßenkarte für Garmin GPS Geräte. Die Zypern GPS Karte für Garmin ist so konvertiert, dass sie in Garmin Geräten, frei und legal  genutzt werden kann. Diese Karten kommen von OpenStreetMap und sind open source. Die Genaue Abdeckung und Detailliertheit kann online bei OpenStreetMap nachgesehen werden. Diese Karten sind besonders in Städten sehr detailreich und genau.

GPS map Africa and Middle East for Garmin Navigation systems

Cyprus / Zypern GPS GarminGPS map Cyprus for Garmin  Navigation systems The Cyprus map from the OpenStreetMap project provides excellent routable roadmaps for Cyprus. These maps are converted to use them legal and free of charge on any Garmin GPS device. Since the Open Street Map project is open source and depending on the contributions of users to gather the map data, it is not complete for some regions. General the maps are great for routing especially in cities and on main overland routes.

Zypern Garmin GPS Karte

Konfigurationen der GPS Zypern Karte für Garmin
Configurations of the GPS Cyprus Map for Garmin

Zypern Karte. Installationsprogramm für Garmin MapSource / (Windows).

mapsource.exe for Cyprus. This file includes the installer for Garmin MapSource or BaseCamp that is running on Windows computers.

nur 4.99 €

Zypern Karte. Installationsprogramm für Garmin MapSource (MAC OSX).

macosx.zip for Cyprus. This file includes the installer for Garmin RoadTrip that is running on Mac OSX machines.

nur 4.99 €

Zypern Karte zum direkten kopieren auf Garmin Navigationsgerät oder die Speicherkarte.  (Ohne Computer).

gmapsupp.zip for Cyprus. This file what is compressed in the zip format includes the gmapsupp.img for direct manual placement on the GPS device.

nur 4.99 €

 Zypern Karte auf Micro SD Karte (Auspacken, einschieben fertig!) 49.99 € Anfrage


Geo data by OpenStreetMap is licensed under CC-BY-SA. Some maps are based on date provide by other institutions under different licensed. Pease refer to OpenStreetMap for details. If you have any questions concerning the maps or how to install them, please use the comment function on this page to do so. We will answer question in German and English.

If you enjoy this free Maps for Garmin please consider contributing new tracks to OpenStreetMap to make these maps even better.

How to install the maps on your Garmin device

For installing the free OpenStreetMaps for Garmin directly on the SD or Micro SD card of your Garmin device you have to download the gmapsupp.zip  file.

Unzip the gmapsupp.zip  map file that you downloaded from Africa Expedition. You will have a file called. gmapsupp.img.

Now insert your SD-card into your SD-card reader. If you don’t have an SD-card reader you can connect your Garmin GPS to your computer with a USB cable. Make sure that the SD-card is in the GPS unit before you plug it into the computer.

Open the SD-card with the file manager. If there isn’t a folder on the SD-card called Garmin, create one.

Copy the gmapsupp.img file into the Garmin folder on the SD-card. (Note: The map will not work if you put it in the Garmin folder of the GPS device itself; the map file must be placed in the Garmin folder of the SD-card.)

If you use an SD-card reader, remove the SD-card once the file has finished copying and but the SD-card back in your Garmin device.

If you copied the file directly to the Garmin device, using an USB cable, that just disconnect it from the computer.

Turn on your Garmin GPS device with the SD-card inserted. Go to Tools -> Settings (the wrench icon) -> Map. Touch the Map Info button and check the box beside the OSM map to enable it. You should also disable the built-in map if areas overlap.

Help instructons for instalation

If you have any questions concerning the installation of the OpenStreetMaps on Garmin devices you’ll find some useful manuals further down. More Information can also be found in the FAQ section witch you will find on the bottom of the page.

Install the maps on a Garmin device (Windows)

Install the maps on a Garmin device (MAC OS)

How to combine more than one map on MapSource for Garmin GPS