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Unterwegs in Uganda

Hier könnt Ihr sehen, wo wir waren und wie weit wir schon gekommen sind auf unserem Weg quer durch Afrika. Die .gpx Daten unseres Navigationsgerätes werden in regelmäßigen Abständen aktualisiert. Ganz unten auf der Seite findet Ihr die Gramin .gpx Tracks auch zum Downloaden.
Sie stehen zur freien Verfügung. Die GPS Tracks and POI`s stammen von einem Garmin. Wir haben die Tracks auf 300 Meter bereinigt. Wenn ihr dazu Fragen habt, dann schreibt uns über das Kontakt Formular.

Download Garmin Tracks as .gpx File

Campsites in Uganda mit GPS Kordinaten

N00 27.675 E33 10.568 Adrift Campground/Nile High Camp, Jinja, Uganda
N00 40.474 E30 13.460 Amabere Caves Community campsite, Uganda
N00 13.063 E30 00.010 Backpacker Campsite, Uganda
N00 18.467 E32 33.055 Backpackers, Rubaga, Tororo District, Uganda
S00 21.804 E31 42.873 Backpackers Cottage Camp, Kyabakuza, Uganda
N00 18.466 E32 33.044 Backpackers Hostel and Camping, Kampala, Uganda
N01 10.276 E34 20.136 Budadirin Camping, Uganda
S01 16.297 E29 56.350 Bunyoni Overland Resort and camping, Kabale, Uganda
S01 03.078 E29 46.692 Bwindi Impenetrable Forest & Campsite
S00 21.808 E31 42.890 Campsite (Backpackers Masaka), Kyabakuza, Uganda
N00 26.305 E33 11.969 Campsite (Timton hotel), Jinja, Uganda
S01 16.196 E29 56.280 Crater Bay Cottages + campsite, Kabale, Uganda
N00 40.621 E33 03.263 Hairy Lemon, Nazigo, Tororo District, Uganda
S00 18.516 E32 16.376 Hornbill Camp, Abaita Ababiri, Tororo District, Uganda
N00 27.501 E33 10.737 Jinja Nile Resort, Jinja, Uganda
N00 27.848 E33 10.622 Jinja Scouts Campsite, Buwenda, Tororo District, Uganda
S01 16.086 E29 56.293 Kalebask Campsite (Lake Bunyonyi), Kabale, Uganda
N00 26.260 E30 23.744 Kanyanchu Rest Camp, Uganda
S00 37.088 E30 58.878 Kimbla Mantana Tented Camp, Rukukuru, Uganda
N00 35.691 E30 14.877 Kluge’s Guest Farm (Camping), near Fort Portal, Uganda
N01 20.063 E34 22.474 Moses‘ Camp Site, Amukol, Tororo District, Uganda
N02 16.650 E31 41.217 Murchison Falls Campsite, Murchison Falls NP, Uganda
S00 21.188 E31 52.630 Nabugabo Holiday Centre, Masaka, Tororo District, Uganda
N00 29.039 E33 09.818 Nile Perch Explorers Campsite, Jinja, Uganda
N00 31.119 E30 18.133 Nkuruba Campsitew (Crater Lake), Uganda
S00 15.653 E30 07.365 Nyanziibiri Traditional Campsitew, (South of Queen elizabeth NP), Uganda
N00 30.349 E30 19.610 Nyinabulitwa Resort, Uganda
S00 18.676 E32 17.482 Palm Beach Camping and Lodge, Uganda
S00 18.650 E32 17.513 Panorama Cottages and Overland Camping, Uganda
S00 12.844 E30 06.013 Queen Elizabeth NP Safari Campsite, Uganda
N00 19.208 E32 37.800 Red Chilli Hideway camp, Kampala, Uganda
S01 02.621 E29 46.529 Ruhija Community Rest Camp, Uganda
N00 20.773 E30 02.105 Ruwenzuri Turaco Campsite, Uganda
S00 38.117 E30 58.206 Rwonyo Rest Camp, Uganda
N01 20.108 E34 22.157 Sipi Falls Crows Nest Resort, Uganda
N00 27.633 E33 10.589 Speke Camp, Jinja, Uganda
N00 28.954 E33 09.452 Speke Camp Site, Buwenda, Tororo District, Uganda
S01 16.933 E29 41.387 Virunga Campsite, Kisoro, Uganda
N00 38.626 E30 16.259 Whispering Palm Overland camping and lodging, Fortportal, Uganda

Autoteile und Autoreparatur Kampala

N00 13.663 E32 32.979 4WD Service Centre Ltd, Kampala, Uganda
N00 19.862 E32 36.788 CMC Landrover, Kampala, Uganda
N00 17.664 E32 35.222 Land Rover Mechanic, Kampala, Uganda
N00 19.209 E32 36.123 Mitsubishi Motors, Kampala, Uganda
N00 18.949 E32 35.428 Toyota, Kampala, Uganda
N00 19.211 E32 35.957 Toyota, Kampala, Uganda

Shopping Kampala

N00 19.747 E32 35.436 Aalbaek House, Kampala, Uganda
N00 19.585 E32 36.906 Capital shoppers, Kampala, Uganda
N00 19.201 E32 35.454 Garden City Shopping Centre, Kampala, Uganda
N00 19.572 E32 36.398 Lugogo Mall (aka ‚Shoprite / Game Store), Kampala, Uganda
N00 19.688 E32 36.662 Metro cash and carry, Kampala, Uganda
N00 20.708 E32 35.849 Nakumat Supermarket, Kampala, Uganda
N00 19.143 E32 37.341 Nakumat Supermarket, Kampala, Uganda
N00 19.584 E32 36.400 Shoprite supermarket, Kampala, Uganda
N00 19.956 E32 33.323 Vegetable& Fruit Market, Kampala, Uganda

The African Campsite Directory

There are many travel books out there on the market. But unfortunately they are for Backpackers and tourist how go on a organized safari trip. Also books have the disadvantage that they outdate very fast. Good campsites go bad and bad ones close, while new ones are going to be open. So things are changing, and the internet is the fastest and cheapest way to distribute these information.

How can you help to improve the African Campsite directory?

The information we provide are only as good and actual as any user is participating. There are an numbers of ways to help to improve this directory: Provide first time information about a campsite, with as many as possible information. If you have a photo upload it. If you just visited one of the listed campsites, evaluate it. In this way you not only help to keep the information up-to-date, you are also showing other travelers how precise the information are.