Unterwegs in Tanzania

Hier könnt Ihr sehen, wo wir waren und wie weit wir schon gekommen sind auf unserem Weg quer durch Afrika. Die .gpx Daten unseres Navigationsgerätes werden in regelmäßigen Abständen aktualisiert. Ganz unten auf der Seite findet Ihr die Gramin .gpx Tracks auch zum Downloaden.
Die Tracks für Tansania  stehen zur freien Verfügung. Die GPS Tracks and POI`s stammen von einem Garmin. Wir haben die Tracks auf 300 Meter bereinigt. Wenn ihr dazu Fragen habt, dann schreibt uns über das Kontakt Formular.

GPX Track von Tansania zum kostenlosen download.

Tansania Campsites

S03 14.526 E36 50.381 Arusha Public Campsite #1 Arusha, Tanzania
S03 14.448 E36 50.340 Arusha Public Campsite #2 Arusha, Tanzania
S03 14.867 E36 50.636 Arusha Public Campsite #3 Arusha, Tanzania
S03 22.463 E36 41.605 Arusha Resort Center, Arusha, Tanzania
S06 25.818 E38 54.202 Bagamoyo Beach Resort, Bagamoyo, Tanzania
S07 31.354 E36 36.002 Baobab Valley Campsite
S06 01.577 E38 46.694 Beach Campsite Saandani National Park
S05 32.516 E38 58.087 Beach Crab Resort and Diving center
S07 36.747 E37 50.365 Beho Beho Camp
S03 20.934 E35 40.150 Camping (Kudu Lodge) Karatu, Tanzania
S04 30.244 E38 13.030 Camping (Mamboviewpoint eco lodge)
S08 08.747 E35 24.737 Camping (Old farmhouse Kisolanza)
S07 23.786 E37 00.111 Camping (Tan-Swiss Lodge) Mikumi, Tanzania
S02 37.907 E31 18.291 Camping area (Boma Guest House), Biharamulo, Tanzania
S06 26.036 E38 54.290 Camping area (Travellers Lodge), Bagamoyo, Tanzania
S03 22.377 E35 50.328 Campsite (Lake Manyara Np)
S03 22.948 E36 47.373 Campsite on lake (very nice) Arusha, Tanzania
S05 19.501 E38 33.180 Campsites (Segera Hotel), Segera/Michungwane, Tanzania
S10 39.408 E35 27.021 Catholic Seminary rest camp
S04 22.549 E39 33.140 Coastline Pinewood Village Beach resort
S03 18.945 E36 52.649 Colobus Mountain Campsite, Arusha, Tanzania
S07 29.803 E36 34.631 Crocodile Camp
S03 20.277 E35 40.636 Dofa Rest Camp, Karatu, Tanzania
S05 06.763 E38 36.625 Emau Hill Campsite
S02 55.015 E35 51.768 Empaki Wilderness Camp, Engaruka, Tansania
S03 21.776 E35 47.914 Haven Nature Safai Camp
S02 14.461 E34 39.442 Hembe Camp, Seronera, Tanzania
S02 11.451 E34 43.408 Ikoma Gate Camping, Seronera, Tanzania
S03 20.696 E35 40.000 Karatu Bushman Camp, Karatu, Tanzania
S05 03.904 E39 06.933 Kiboko, Tanga, Mueda, Tanzania
S07 29.487 E37 37.196 Kilimatembo Camping Site
S08 55.647 E39 31.304 Kilwa Masoko Seaview Resort, Kilwa Masoko, Tanzania
S08 55.730 E39 31.353 Kilwa Seaview Resort, Kilwa Masoko, Tanzania
S03 50.457 E36 04.113 Kipepeo Special Campsite (No facilities)
S01 20.465 E31 49.033 Kiroyera Campsite, Bukoba, Tanzania
S02 22.123 E34 48.338 Kubu Kubu Seronera, Tanzania
S03 40.295 E35 55.870 Lakeview Campsite (with toilet and shower), Tanzania
S03 07.933 E35 39.674 Lemala Private Campsite, Tanzania
S03 05.757 E37 15.943 Machame Camp, Machame, Hai, Tanzania
S03 47.856 E35 41.305 Magara Community Camp Site, Magara, Tanzania
S03 26.649 E37 11.630 Maji Moto, Rundugai, Hai, Tanzania
S03 23.116 E36 43.188 Masai campsite, Arusha, Tanzania
S03 24.592 E36 28.997 Maserani Snake Park Camping
S07 20.714 E37 08.150 Mikumi wildlife Camp, Tanzania
S05 43.367 E39 18.277 Mnarani Beach Resort, Tanzania
S07 32.806 E36 31.479 Mosasa Riverside Campsite, Tanzania
S04 18.397 E39 25.511 Mukumuruji Camp, Tanzania
S02 09.484 E34 13.126 Musabi Camp, Tanzania
S02 31.745 E32 53.652 Mwanza Yacht Club / Camping
S02 11.631 E33 52.389 Ndabaka Campsite
S02 58.269 E37 00.557 Ndarakwai Camping
S03 01.207 E34 59.804 Ndutu Safari Lodge
S02 25.121 E34 51.478 Ngiri Official Camp, Seronera, Tanzania
S03 16.533 E36 53.806 Ngongongare Special Campsite, Arusha, Tanzania
S03 17.668 E36 54.137 Ngorduto Campsite, Arusha, Tanzania
S03 20.128 E35 40.121 Ngorongoro Camp, Karatu, Tanzania
S03 14.368 E35 29.811 Ngorongoro Crater Lodge (campsites)
S02 09.495 E33 49.995 Nyatwale Lake Victoria Campsite
S03 22.812 E35 49.357 Panorama Safari Camp
S08 53.876 E39 31.074 Paradise Beach Rest Camp, Kilwa Masoko, Tanzania
S05 17.230 E39 03.936 Peponi Beach Resort
S02 25.304 E34 51.067 Pimbi Campsite Serengeti, Seronera, Tanzania
S07 47.877 E35 47.803 Riverside Campsite Restaurant
S07 30.530 E37 38.249 Selous Mbega Camp Kisaki Annex
S06 39.307 E39 12.708 Silver Sands Campgrounds, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania
S03 13.688 E35 29.405 Simba Campsite a, Serengeti, Seronera, Tanzania
S03 13.743 E35 29.432 Simba campsite b, Serengeti, Seronera, Tanzania
S03 13.407 E35 29.338 Simba Special Campsite b, Serengeti, Seronera, Tanzania
S03 46.230 E36 01.288 Tarangire Camp
S07 32.855 E36 31.542 Treed Campsite
S02 25.160 E34 51.652 Tumbili Camp, Seronera, Tanzania
S03 16.294 E36 51.015 Wild life accommodation/camping, Arusha, Tanzania

The African Campsite Directory

There are many travel books out there on the market. But unfortunately they are for Backpackers and tourist how go on a organized safari trip. Also books have the disadvantage that they outdate very fast. Good campsites go bad and bad ones close, while new ones are going to be open. So things are changing, and the internet is the fastest and cheapest way to distribute these information.

How can you help to improve the African Campsite directory?

The information we provide are only as good and actual as any user is participating. There are an numbers of ways to help to improve this directory: Provide first time information about a campsite, with as many as possible information. If you have a photo upload it. If you just visited one of the listed campsites, evaluate it. In this way you not only help to keep the information up-to-date, you are also showing other travelers how precise the information are.  www.africaexpedition.de/campsite-directory

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