Here we write our Blog African Expedition in English.

Beach, Sun and more

Travel Story from Mozaqmbique: Mozambique, a popular travel destination with snow white beaches and turquoise water. Contrary to that a poor population that has to survive with extremely high prices.

Autumn Feeling

Zimbabwe, once the economic African paradise that is now almost run down. A dream land of natural resources, fertile grounds, diverse beautiful national parks as well as service orientated and creative people. Zimbabwe, a political disaster without any future prospects for the population. As expected the border crossing to Zimbabwe was done quickly, and we …

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Rainy Season

Travel Story from Zambia. Zambia, a huge country with warm hearted people, the fascinating Victoria Falls and beautiful National Parks. Including tracks and GPS coordinates.

Smiling Country

Even though Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, the people seem to be quite happy. This might be because of the beautiful Lake Malawi, the wild untouched mountains or the fertile grounds. Or is there another reason?

Jambo (English)

Tanzania the country of snow covered mountain tops, snow-white beaches, turquoise oceans, wild animals, fertile grounds and blooming sisal plantations.

Land of Thousand Hills

Greetings from the cleanest county in Africa which is also called “land of thousand hills”. Apart from the very well-known movie “Hotel Rwanda” people at home know very little about Rwanda. Although Rwanda such a wonderful country is and absolutely worth visiting.

Hey Mazungu (English)

Travel Story Uganda – From Jinja at the Nile River to Kampala with the worst chaotic traffic, continuing over the highlands of Fort Portal with charming crater lakes and further South via Lake Bunyonyi to the Rwandan border.

Hakuna Matata – English

Welcome to the wild East Africa! Breathtaking Landscapes, stunning sunsets and our first elephants. From the rough North along lake Turkana, the Samburu National Park and Mount Kenya to Nairobi. Continuing to Lake Naivasha, Lake Bogoria National Reserve all the way to Uganda.

Hello Money – English

All the way through Ethiopia. From the beautiful hilly North, over Addis Ababa to the Kenyan border.  Over high mountains, fascinating monasteries as well as magnificent landscapes. And the question: Is begging in Ethiopia a national sport? After the last night in Sudan the Ethiopian border welcomed us like a slap in our face. Everyone …

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The Patience Test

We will never forget the ferry crossing experience of the Nasser Lake from Egypt to Sudan, even though we would like to. After we were already waiting for one week, there was just a big mess short time before our departure: The pontoon full of holes was repaired temporarily with wet cement only in the …

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