Hey Mazungu (English)

Travel Story Uganda – From Jinja at the Nile River to Kampala with the worst chaotic traffic, continuing over the highlands of Fort Portal with charming crater lakes and further South via Lake Bunyonyi to the Rwandan border.

Hello Money – English

All the way through Ethiopia. From the beautiful hilly North, over Addis Ababa to the Kenyan border.  Over high mountains, fascinating monasteries as well as magnificent landscapes. And the question: Is begging in Ethiopia a national sport? After the last night in Sudan the Ethiopian border welcomed us like a slap in our face. Everyone …

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The Patience Test

We will never forget the ferry crossing experience of the Nasser Lake from Egypt to Sudan, even though we would like to. After we were already waiting for one week, there was just a big mess short time before our departure: The pontoon full of holes was repaired temporarily with wet cement only in the …

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Visiting the Pharaoh

Cairo / Egypt – 06.11.-14.11.2011. Travel Story Egypt – Visiting the Pharaoh.In summary we can say that driving in Egypt is like playing „Tetris“ in the street. There are no rules. Everyone drives the way he feels like and the winner is the biggest or the loudest car.

Welcome to Middle East

23.10.2011 to 28.10.2011 – from Aqaba to Wadi Mussa, Petra, Wadi Rum and back to Aqaba
Getting out of the strict organization, out of security controls and getting into the orient.

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