Und noch ein Zaun…

Südafrika mit wunderschönen Landschaften und herrlichen Nationalparks. Ein Land mit einer der höchsten Kriminalitätsraten und einer Bevölkerung, die hinter Zäunen lebt.

Autumn Feeling

Zimbabwe, once the economic African paradise that is now almost run down. A dream land of natural resources, fertile grounds, diverse beautiful national parks as well as service orientated and creative people. Zimbabwe, a political disaster without any future prospects for the population. As expected the border crossing to Zimbabwe was done quickly, and we …

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Rainy Season

Travel Story from Zambia. Zambia, a huge country with warm hearted people, the fascinating Victoria Falls and beautiful National Parks. Including tracks and GPS coordinates.

Welcome to Middle East

23.10.2011 to 28.10.2011 – from Aqaba to Wadi Mussa, Petra, Wadi Rum and back to Aqaba
Getting out of the strict organization, out of security controls and getting into the orient.

Driving through Holy Land

13. 10. 2011 to 22. 10. 2011 – From Ashdod via Tel Aviv, Rosh Hanikra, Kafar Haruf, Ein Gev, Banias (Jordan Springs), Jerusalem, En Gedi, Mizpe Ramon to Eilat.

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